We used a demo version of the Idylla™ Connect and the available data from the 2014 Ebola outbreak, to develop a prototype of a disease tracking system for Biocartis.

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The ease of use of the Idylla™ platform, combined with a compatible Ebola test that is currently under development, will allow Ebola virus testing to occur near the patient, without the need for specialized laboratory facilities.

In addition to the Idylla™ platform and Ebola test, Biocartis is developing Idylla™ Connect – an application that will operate in conjunction with an internet-connected Idylla™ console available to all Idylla™ users.

One of the features of Idylla™ Connect is the possibility of disease tracking, by allowing hospitals or labs to send anonymized diagnostic results to disease centers that gather and analyse data.

Biocartis - Disease tracking system

WHO data, mixed with our expert knowledge, and data science were used to create a realistic simulation to mimic the 2014 Ebola outbreak and evolution.

Biocartis - Simulation Ebola outbreak and evolution

Progression of disease outbreak is fully visualized by selecting different layers of data.

Biocartis - Progression of disease outbreak

The disease tracking system allows monitoring of samples and evolution of the outbreak.

Epidemiological and operational statistics are made available by selecting the country, region, lab or Ebola treatment center.

Biocartis - Epidemiological and operational statistics

The dashboard application was developed to highlight important operational and epidemiological changes. Directing your attention to where it’s most needed.

Biocartis - Highlight important operational and epidemiological changes


Working with the XAOP team on this project has been a great journey. Not only did the XAOP team come up with smart solutions for technical challenges, XAOP also profiled themselves as a partner who is happy to dive with you into the application domain to come back with fresh ideas and designs that really matter. A trustful software solution provider that easily distinguishes itself in a very competitive landscape.

Yves Willems
Software Engineering Manager



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