Stijn Pint has been with XAOP since the very beginning. Not only does he type code like a pro but he also manages most of the projects we work on. His real fame, though, comes from his involvement in Halle’s yearly carnival.

Badges earned at XAOP
Carnival Participant Carnival Participant
Take-Out Specialist Take-Out Specialist

Peter is known for setting up complex architectures, and notorious for choosing his crossword puzzles over socialising with colleagues. We forgive him though. With taking on the role of being a dad, new types of puzzles will need to be solved by this developer!


As of September 2016, Peter is also an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level.

Badges earned at XAOP
Billiards Guru Billiards Guru
Sudoku Master Sudoku Master

Julien basically eats content management and migration systems for breakfast so he feels right at home in the coding world here at XAOP. When he’s not busy programming, you can find him somewhere in nature taking exquisite photos.

Badges earned at XAOP
Amateur Photographer Amateur Photographer
The French Guy The French Guy

Apart from arguing with the designers, punching in lines of code is Joeri’s main line of work. With having the reputation of always being right (well most of the time), he has earned the title of Chief Designer.


As of September 2016, Joeri is also an AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level.

Badges earned at XAOP
Know-it All Know-it All
Science Geek Science Geek

Nicolas is a developer and project manager by day, football hero by night. While probably slightly exaggerated, he does have the "confident football walk" nailed down at least.


As of November 2016, Nicolas Teirlinckx is also an AWS Certified Developer - Associate Level.

Badges earned at XAOP
Chocolate Junkie Chocolate Junkie
Football Fanatic Football Fanatic

Ruben is known as the chaotic genius at XAOP. He is the baker of delicious cookies. He loves playing games and shares this passion by organising LAN parties. When is the next party scheduled?


As of November 2016, Ruben Tytgat is also an AWS Certified SysOps Administrator - Associate Level.

Badges earned at XAOP
Linux Lover Linux Lover
Cookie Baker Cookie Baker

Robrecht has turned his love for computers into a career in coding while his need for speed led him to developing strong interests in low-level programming. Opting for brunch instead of breakfast is also a daily ritual to keep up with this developers’ fast-paced momentum.

Badges earned at XAOP
Turbo Turbo Turbo Turbo
Mobility Expert Mobility Expert

Katleen brings along her expertise as a designer. With her love for music, she is a frequent festival attendee and also enjoys running on a regular basis. Careful on talking challenges with her though because this daredevil rarely declines.

Badges earned at XAOP
Festival Fever Festival Fever
Summertime Enthusiast Summertime Enthusiast

Frauke is known for her biomedical expertise. As a scientific analyst, she turns an overdose of data into clear information. But careful, there's more to her than science and biology, listen to her favourite songs and find out.

Badges earned at XAOP
Pirate Catcher Pirate Catcher
Solar Powered Solar Powered

Besides a love for movies and editing, Annelies extends the XAOP horizon with skills in communication and design. Most of her life she spent abroad, but we’re happy she decided to settle down in Belgium and join our team. She's a very calm person but just don't confuse her for a Trekkie any time soon.

Badges earned at XAOP
Eager Beaver Eager Beaver
Sweet Tooth Sweet Tooth

Elke strengthens our scientific team. With a doctorate in Bioscience Engineering, she handles the difficult task of analysing and understanding scientific data. She will also blow you away with her love for the orchestra in which she masters the cornet. We’ll definitely have to go to one of her concerts and check her out.

Badges earned at XAOP
Cornet Master Cornet Master
DNA Specialist DNA Specialist

Another football fan and frequent player, Robin brings his front-end development and design skills to the table. Not only is he quick on his feet, he’s also a fast learner and easy to get along with. He loves to travel, listen to music and catch up on all of the Harry Potter books. He’s also a DJ - last year he played a show in Halle during Carnaval season!

Badges earned at XAOP
Urban Explorer Urban Explorer
Creative DJ Creative DJ

Yoni loves walking his adorable dog Nala and watching series in his spare time. At the office, he is all about taking data development to the next level and into the future through Artificial Intelligence. He’s also an avid talker, a big Star Wars fan and he loves a good joke with his colleagues. Don’t underestimate his power!

Badges earned at XAOP
Animal Lover Animal Lover
Evil Genius Evil Genius

You can usually find Joren, our Tai Chi and AI ninja, discussing important life topics such as philosophy, board games, and the benefits of Linux with his colleagues or working hard on the latest data development projects. He was also born in the same city as Tolkien and has lived in 6 countries on 3 different continents since! Talk about being worldly…

Badges earned at XAOP
Global Citizen Global Citizen
Lambda Ninja Lambda Ninja

Teddy is our current System Administrator and HR Assistant. He’s a machine - hard-working, meticulous and always does what he’s asked. Sadly, though, Teddy is checking out new opportunities, so we’re looking for someone who can do an even better job.

Think you’re up to the task? Make sure to check back soon for more information.

Badges earned at XAOP
Micro Manager Micro Manager
Chatter Box Chatter Box

As founder and managing director of XAOP, Stijn Van Vreckem is busy running a little bit of everything practically, from negotiating contracts to training the latest hire. If he’s not hard at work, this father of three is also actively preparing for the Mont-Ventoux. With such a schedule, we still question if and when he actually sleeps.


He is also the first of our team to get AWS certified in May 2016 as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate Level.