Partnering with Garmin For A Personalised Health & Fitness Project

by Stijn Van Vreckem

We are developing a new service in which we combine three things we love: data, health and athletics. Our goal is to improve the performance and prevent injuries of the promising Olympic Running Team.

About ORT

The Olympic Running Team is an ambitious team of Belgian runners who want to make it to Tokyo 2020. Their coach, Tim Moriau, strongly believes a data-driven approach can help them close in on their goal.

Working exclusively for important life sciences players, we know the benefits of large amounts of data. That’s why we’re partnering with Garmin, who will help us deploy their newest devices and APIs with the athletes at ORT.

How we intend to help:

  • Gather the data produced by those devices automatically.
  • Analyse and understand the data with the help of field specialists.
  • Visualize insights or present findings.
  • Support the coach in using new knowledge to their advantage.

We hope to learn a lot about deploying wearables to offer a personalised approach to health and fitness. Want to be kept in the loop? Follow us on Twitter or Facebook.